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How To Do Barbell Wrist Curl Behind The Back – Arm Exercise

Details of the behind-the-back wrist curl exercise Main Muscles Forearm Flexors Secondary Muscles Forearm Extensors Exercise Type– Strength Exercise Mechanics: Isolation Difficulty Level Beginner Equipment Required Barbells, dumbbells or cables How to curl your wrist behind the back Here are the wrist curls for behind-the-back barbell wrist curls. Later, I will show you how to do […]

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How To do Cable Crunch Abdominal Exercise

What are Cable Crunches? Cable crunches are also called kneeling cable crunches. They target your abdominal muscles and are a weighted crunch variant. Cable crunch is performed by kneeling before a pulley-attached cable station. Grab the rope attachment using both your hands and pull it towards your head. Keep your hips and arms straight, and then squeeze your core muscles […]

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How to do Triceps Push down standing

The triceps press down exercise is a popular choice for strength, power as well as fitness-based athletes, to provide strength and hypertrophy to triceps. The triceps, as well as to shoulders and chest are a crucial muscle group to strength in the bench press as well as overhead stability and performance, among other things. In this triceps […]

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