September 15, 2022

How to do Triceps Push down standing

The triceps press down exercise is a popular choice for strength, power as well as fitness-based athletes, to provide strength and hypertrophy to triceps. The triceps, as well as to shoulders and chest are a crucial muscle group to strength in the bench press as well as overhead stability and performance, among other things.

In this triceps pull down exercise guide, we’ll go over a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Triceps Pushdown Form as well as Technique
  • Benefits of Triceps Pushdown
  • Muscles Worked By the Triceps Pushdown
  • Who Should Perform the Triceps Pushdown?
  • Triceps Pushdown Sets Reps programming recommendations, and Sets
  • The Triceps Pushdown Variations, and Alternatives and many more

How to Do The Triceps Push down: Step-by-Step Guide

The step-by step guide below explains how to do the triceps pull down by using resistance bands.

Step 1. Set-Up

Keep your body straight with the shoulders back and your chest back. The elbows should lie slightly the front of the body with elbows bent.

Do not allow your elbows to be pulled to the front too high instead, focus on keeping the power on the triceps while maintaining an upright posture.

Coach’s Tips The best way to stretch your arm is to bend it as if you were at you would at the end of your curl. this will aid you in determining the most effective starting position.

Triceps Push down Exercise Guide – Set Up

Step 2. Hand Position

Based on the specific bar, rope or band you’re using, your grip could be different.

The hands may be in neutral positions while using the rope or bands.

Coach’s Tips Remember to keep your chest elevated and your elbows slightly forward of your body.

Triceps Push down Exercise Guide – Grip Placement

 Step 3. Push down

Once you are ready, extend your elbows until they are straight, but be sure that you keep your chest and shoulders rise up, let it fall forwards.

Many lifters prefer to let their elbows to go backwards that is, they want to use the shoulders and chest to aid in the motion. This isn’t the correct way to go.

Triceps Push down Training Guide Push down

Step 4. Squeeze

When you are at the your bottom and are fully extended Pause briefly, then extend the triceps muscles to maximum contract them.

The hands appear slightly away from the body in the bottom .

Coach’s Tips: Slightly rotate the elbows or alter the final position by just a couple of degrees and observe how your muscle tension changes

Triceps Push down Exercises – Elbow Extension

3 Benefits to the Triceps Push down

3 advantages of the triceps push down . strength, power, as well as fitness athletes can reap from.

1. Increased Lockout Strength

The triceps play a role in the extension of the elbow and stability of the elbow/shoulder/wrist when the elbow is extended and shoulder/shoulder stability. Both are vital for a sturdy locking out in the overhead press, bench press, as well as all of the overhead positions (snatch or jerk, for example).

2. An increase in upper body mass

The triceps push down is a great way to increase upper arms size  as well as increase general strength and strength when pressing and, ultimately, improve the efficiency of chest and shoulders as they are typically the second muscles for the majority of strength building exercises like push press, bench press, push ups dips, etc.

3. Bigger Arms

The triceps account for greater than 50% of arm. This makes them one of the most important muscle groups to work on for increasing arm size and growth. Although the curl of the biceps is crucial however, athletes must be certain to focus on the single joint triceps workout via the triceps push down in order to improve muscle growth.

Muscles Worked – Triceps Push down

The triceps push down is a single-joint accessory/hypertrophy exercise that can be highly effective at targeting the arms, specifically:

Who is the best person to perform Triceps Push downs?

The triceps push down is a great way to boost overall arm strength as well as upper body mass to help strengthen as well as fitness and power athletes. Additionally this triceps pull down can be used to increase resistance to injuries and training for lifters who could be vulnerable to injuries or elbows overhead (weak triceps may cause instability when in an overhead position and increase stress on wrists and shoulders).

Strong and Power-based Athletes

Here are a few Power and strength athletes that might benefit from the addition of triceps push downs in their current training routine.

  • Strength and Powerlifters athletes A greater increase in strength and size of the upper body is essential in strength exercises. Increased the upper body’s weight and lockout strength could enhance bench performance, improve the stability of your overhead, and reduce strain on wrists and elbows (often associated with poor elbow extension capabilities).
  • Olympic weightlifters Like the strength athletes mentioned above weightlifters can do push downs in order to build the strength of their upper bodies, increase stability of the overhead during snatch and jerk, and reduce elbow injuries (poor flexibility and strength).

Functional and General Fitness

The strength and power of the triceps will not only increase press strength, but it could also improve the size, shape, and force of the triceps muscles, which are the most important muscles for the overhead and bench lifts and presses.

Triceps Push down Exercise Instructions

Triceps Push down Sets, Reps and Programming Recommendations

Here is a list of two (2) principal training goals and programming suggestions when programming triceps pull downs into training programs.

Strength – Sets and Reps

Here are some suggestions for programming the triceps to push down in order to build strength in the arm.

  • 4 set of three to eight repetitions
  • Although there aren’t any exact guidelines for strengthening the triceps, numerous pushdowns with greater weight dips, triceps exercises, and other exercises can boost strength.

Hypertrophy Sets, Reps and Sets

Here are suggestions on how to plan and train for hypertrophy of the triceps by with the push down triceps.

  • 5- 10 sets with 8-20 repeats
  • There is an array of load sets, reps, and sets strategies available to coaches to strengthen the triceps muscles for strength and size. The most important thing is to concentrate on muscles contractures and pump instead of simply focusing on the movement of weights. Furthermore, the weights themselves don’t have to be extremely heavy in order to create an impact.

Triceps Push down Variations

Following below are  three (3) variations of triceps push downs that you can use to increase strength and size as well as overall muscle development.

1. Rope Push down

A rope pull down can be a variation in the attachment which can be used to alter the angle and wrist position when pushing down, which allows you to modify the motion (often performed using straight bars) to suit the needs of the individual athlete.

2. Rigid Tricep Push down Reverse

This reverse grip triceps push down lets the lifter pushing down the bar using hands supinated, which increases the pressure on the head of the triceps (rather than the heads on the outside or lateral sides).

3. Partially Rep Triceps Push down

Making some repeated triceps’ push down could result in a greater training intensity, stronger at certain angles, and more focusing on weaker or smaller aspects that comprise the triceps.

Triceps Push down Alternatives and Alternatives

Here are three (3) alternative triceps exercises that you can use to mix up the training as well as challenge lifters and more.

1. Close Grip Bench Press

A close-grip bench press can be described as a complex upper-body alternative that targets the same hypertrophy and strength features in the pull down. The push down, however, specifically targets the triceps while this bench press is targeted at pectorals and triceps (chest).

2. Skull crushers

The skull crusher is a single joint triceps move which is used to improve the strength and size of the triceps. It is performed in similar ranges of motion to the push down. Both of them can be utilized to improve the size and strength.

3. Dips

It is triceps compound exercise that focuses on the bigger muscular muscles in the upper part of our body (triceps and pectorals as well as shoulders). Although it is a compound exercise, it can be a fantastic way of improving the overall mass of triceps and strength, while also permitting the shoulders and chest to aid in training harder to boost muscle development.


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