September 16, 2022

How to do the Overhead Cable Extension-Triceps Exercise

The overhead Cable Extension of the Triceps is an exercise for isolation that strengthens the muscles on the upper arm’s back which is also commonly referred to as the triceps.

Triceps brachii, commonly referred to as Triceps is a three-headed muscle which is located opposite the biceps. It is responsible for the majority of the upper arm’s mass. It has 3 heads that are the medial, side, and the long head.

The big triceps muscles make the arms appear larger, in contrast to the popularity of large Biceps, which are small when compared. It is therefore essential to concentrate on and strengthen the three triceps head muscles to get the maximum benefits.

Overhead Cable tricep pull Overhead Cable tricep pull is an incredibly versatile exercise that targets your tricep muscle by repeatedly flexing the elbow joint with resistance. For triceps that need a workout, you can try the exercises listed below.

Overhead Cable Extension Exercise Information

  • Also known asOverhead Cable Pull or overhead rope pull overhead pull for triceps
  • Main MusclesTriceps
  • Training Type: Strength
  • Exercise Mechanics: Isolation
  • Easy Level Beginning
  • Equipment Required Cable column or rope attachment

Muscles worked during Exercises like the Overhead Tricep Extension

This overhead extension exercise is an exercise that is isolated instead of a compound movement. This makes it an excellent exercise to strengthen your triceps.

The principal muscle segment that is impacted by the extension of the triceps are your triceps.

There are many secondary muscles that can be activated during the overhead cable tricep pull. These are forearms, biceps abs, lats (rectus abdominis) and pecs, obliques and trapezius (trapezius). The secondary muscles are engaged to support and stabilize the movement.

Do the Overhead Tricep Extension Using the properForm

It is essential to be aware of the errors committed by athletes and weight lifters when they perform the tricep extension. It can help you get an understanding of your technique.

The Elbow Flames Out

When pushing downwards individuals tend to stretch their elbows outwards. This can put unnecessary strain on the shoulder and your chest muscle.

Excessive Elbow Motion

A lot of people allow their elbows to move forward and back when they move. Although you technically can increase your weight with this motion, you’re actually using your elbows to finish the workout.

A Lot of Weight

In addition to the weights you need, adding more than may not be a wise decision. Doing too much of this exercise could cause muscle strain, which can make them painful, and could result in injuries.

Cable Overhead Triceps Extension

The overhead cable extensions for triceps for triceps are another excellent exercise for the tricep cable extension.

Overhead Cable Tricep Pull variations are particularly effective in attacking those who are in the longer head of the triceps. The bigger the long head muscle the more massive the triceps appear.

Execution Technique
  1. Attach an extension rope to the pulley at the bottom of the cable machine, and then face to the side away from pulley.
  2. Take the rope in both hands, palms in front of one another (neutral grip) then raise your arms until your hands are above your head.
  3. Your elbows must be close proximity to your head, and your arms should be perpendicular to the floor with your fingers pointing towards the ceiling.
  4. The rope slowly lowers in front of your head while you keep the upper arms still. Breathe deeply as you complete this motion and stop at the point that your triceps are completely stretched.
  5. Return slowly to the starting position, and repeat the desired number of reps and sets.
  • Do not load yourself to the point that you are unable to maintain a steady body position. This is an exercise in isolation that doesn’t require the highest weights.
  • Keep your arms near your head to maximize engagement of your triceps.
  • Do the exercise with the exercise in a controlled and slow pace from beginning to end.

Different Cable Extensions for Overhead Cable

1. Cable High Pulley Extension Overhead

Cable High Pulley Overhead Extension is one of the best two-arm tricep extension exercises you can perform while working out your upper body.

This more advanced exercise thatworks not just your triceps muscles, as well as your upper torso shoulders and legs keeping your body in a certain position.

The cable allows your triceps muscles to be worked in tension throughout all ranges in motion (ROM).

Execution Technique
  1. Attach an extension rope to a cables stack to the highest point you can and stand in a position.
  2. Make use of a split stance, hold the rope overhead using an open grasp (palms facing) and Lean forward while hinging to the hips.
  3. Begin the exercise by extending your elbows and extensing the triceps.
  4. The rope should be pulled downwards till the elbows are closed, gradually lower the rope to return to the starting point.
  5. Repeat for the desired amount of times
  • Don’t let the rope drag you backwards or cause you to sway throughout your lumbar spine.
  • You might need to adjust your chin a bit so that the rope can move overhead, and not touch the back of your head.

2. One Arm Cable Extensions Overhead

When you’re doing a tricep extension workout using the aid of a cable machine there are a variety of single-arm exercises that you can include to correct imbalances.

This exercise can be used to work each triceps sleeve in a separate way. This will help balance both arms’ strength and provide you with an asymmetrical look. The exercise can be performed sitting or standing.

Execution Technique
  1. Attach the stirring device (handle) to the cable pulley which is less than the chest height. Grab the stirrup in one hand, and push it upwards, and then over your head.
  2. Removing your hand towards the pulley. Lean slightly toward the front, step your feet to balance yourself and lower your hands to your side.
  3. Your elbow must be raised to the ceiling, the cable must be pulled to the point that you will feel an increase in the triceps brachii.
  4. Keep your elbow in close proximity to your face, inhale while you elevate the stirrup over your head. You can do this by extensing your elbow.
  5. Inhale as you stretch your elbow and lower the stirrup to its beginning position till you can feel a light stretching in the triceps brachii.
  6. Repeat the exercise for the specified number of times. Repeat the exercise with the opposite arm.
  • Your upper and lower body in a still position. Only your forearms should move.
  • Keep your elbow in close proximity to your head.


Extensions of the triceps overhead are a crucial component of strength training as well as lifting weights.

The video below, a How-to tutorial demonstrates the correct method to perform overhead triceps extensions on the help of a cable machine.


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