September 15, 2022

how to do the Lying Triceps Extension

A lying triceps extension an isolation exercise which strengthens the triceps muscles at on the rear of your upper arm. It is also known as the skull crusher since when you perform it with poor form it could cause injury to your skull. It is a great addition to exercises for building muscle in the upper body.

How do I Do Skull Crusher Lying Triceps Extensions

Lay face down on a gym bench that is flat. Your entire body should rest sitting on the bench, with the exception of those legs that are lower. You’re knees bent, and your feet are lying flat in the ground. Arms are raised above the chest, shoulders are shoulder width away (not locked) and both hands hold the other end of dumbbells.

  1. Bend your elbows and lower your weight toward the top of your head. Your arms in the upper part of your body should be roughly parallel to your body. This will keep tension in the triceps from shifting it towards your shoulders.
  2. Continue to lower the weight in front of the head. The dumbbell’s bottom head should be roughly equal to the top of the bench or perhaps a bit higher if it feels too heavy.
  3. Then reverse the motion till the load is over the chest in its original starting position. Avoid locking your elbow in order to keep the tension in your triceps muscles.

It is possible to do skull crushers by holding one dumbbell using both hands. Alternatively If you wish to work with more weight, you could hold two dumbbells in each hand.

The benefits of Lying Triceps Extensions

A skull crusher an exercise that targets the triceps brachii muscle, using it starting from the elbow and up to the muscles of the latissimus dorsi that runs through the back. 2 The triceps brachii is comprised of three heads. This can be targeted through various extensions of the triceps lying on your back.

This exercise is a great way to correct triceps imbalances to help with injury rehabilitation 3, or as an element of a routine for bodybuilding. Our triceps can be used to perform pull and push movements, and strengthening them can make it simpler to do routine tasks such as pushing a grocery cart loaded with groceries or lifting sheets when making bed.

There are different types of triceps extensions for instance, overhead extensions. overhead extensions and the overhead extension, which is an alternative. Both extensions exercise the triceps in a similar way. 4 One benefit of the lying triceps extension is the fact that it does not put pressure on wrists.

Different variations of Lying Extensions of the Triceps

There are a variety of ways to exercise this way and you should pick the most appropriate stretching triceps lying option for you.

Stretches of the Triceps lying on the floor

If you don’t own the exercise bench then you can perform this workout on the floor. Be careful when you lower the weight on your head. You’ll be unable to lower it that far without hitting it on the floor. In the event that you own an exercise step you can utilize that too.

Barbell Skull Crushers

Certain individuals find it easier to perform triceps extensions lying down using the help of a barbell instead of dumbbells. But the use of barbells (even one like an EZ curly bar) puts more stress on your wrists and wrists, so keep this in your mind. You might want for build up your hands before you use the barbell.

Extensions of Triceps and Inline Lying

Additionally, you can use skull crushers while on an inclined bench. This can target different parts of the triceps, which is not possible when you lie flat.

Common Faults

Make sure you are aware of the following common mistakes to help you avoid these mistakes.

Loose Grip

Use a firm grip to prevent the weight from sliding out of your hands and cause injury or damage to your face or head. If you are concerned about this you might want to improve your grip strength before you attempt this exercise.

Lowering the weight towards the face

As well as maintaining a firm grip Don’t let the weight fall towards your forehead or face. It should instead be placed in the direction of your back. (Also ensure not to strike your head in the back as you raise the dumbbell before returning to the original position.)

Hand Position

Make sure your hands are shoulder-width away during this move. This reduces strain on the wrist joints.

Lifting too fast or sluggishly

The exercise should be performed gradually and with care. This will help you maintain the body weight in control throughout the entire exercise and also helps help to avoid injuries.

Too Many pounds and Not Enough Reps

This exercise is best done with a lower weight and greater reps. The elbows can be stressed so a weight that is lighter will help to avoid this. By using a lighter weight, you’ll also be able to maintain good posture and be more in control.

Safety and precautions

The exercise may cause elbow discomfort. If you’ve suffered an injury to your elbow like tennis elbow It is best to avoid this exercise. If you are experiencing discomfort in your elbow at any point you should stop this training.

Begin by doing few repetitions in this movement. As you increase your strength, progress towards three to five sets of triceps extensions lying on the floor that last between 6-12 repetitions. If you are using a barbell, keep a spotter to help you if you experience problems.


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