September 14, 2022

How to do a Perfect Tricep Pushups

What is what is a Tricep Push-Up?

The Tricep Push-Up is a more enhanced version of the standard push-up. This exercise requires your palms are kept closer to each other, keeping your arms placed directly on your sides while you lower. This will work your tricep muscles and pushes you back to the original plank position.

How do you do a Tricep Push-Up?

 Step 1

Start in a plank with your hands spaced shoulder-width apart and aligned between your shoulders. Make sure your body is straight and vertically aligned.

Step 2

With control and slow slowly lower your chest towards the floor, keeping your arms straight to your sides, and your elbows facing towards the back. Make sure to press your palms in order to raise your body towards the original position of the plank and repeat.

How can you alter the Tricep Push-Up?

 Tricep Push-Ups for Prenatal

Prior to your third trimester do a tricep push-up using your knees. Then, later in pregnancy, try this exercise with a higher surface, such as an exercise chair or a box.

 Tricep Push-Ups for Beginners

When you’re gaining strength, attempt a pull-up triceps on your knees. If it’s too difficult, think about moving to an incline push-up where your hands are put on a solid platform, such as the box.

 Advanced Tricep Push-Up

To make the exercise more difficult, draw diamond-shapes using your index fingers. hands, extending your elbows outwards.

Tricep Push-Up to Strengthen Lower Back

If you are suffering from a weak lower back, perform the tricep push-up using an inclined surface (such as the bench, box or tire). This reduces the likelihood of your hips dropping.

Tricep Push-Ups for weak wrists

Reduce pressure on your wrists by doing the tricep push-up using an inclined surface (either an exercise bench, a box or tire, or a chair). If the pain continues, place your hands on a mat or put your hands in loose fists.

Tricep Push-Ups for weak shoulders

If you are experiencing weak shoulders Try this exercise with your knees, or on an angle. If you are experiencing shoulder pain do the exercise while standing on a wall performing the tricep push-up horizontally.

What are the advantages of the Tricep Push-Up?

  • Tricep Strength
  • Arm Strength
  • Full-body Strength

5 of the Most Common Mistakes that People make while doing the Tricep Push-Up

There is no move that has more OG or more reputable as the pull-up. It’s the most popular punishment for boot classes, Pilates classes, yoga flow classes, HIIT classes and the list could go on for a long time. It’s likely because there are numerous variations from to the diving bomber to the pseudo planche that specifically target different muscles of that upper body. One of these push-up variations is the tricep push-up. It is designed to work the upper back of your arms. SolidCore Instructor Triana Brown will explain how to master it each time.

Tricep push-ups are fantastic exercise for your upper body as well as you core muscles, says Brown. The triceps muscles, which run across behind your biceps are employed frequently often. However, Brown states that she observes that a many of issues when students in her class perform tricep push-ups.

This suggests that this exercise won’t benefit you in any way. Correct form is the key to reaping the full advantages of this move (and we’ll be honest that if you’re going spend the time to do push-ups why not practice them the proper way? ).

To ensure that you’re not making these typical mistakes, look over the mistakes Brown observes in class (and make note of them).

The most frequently made mistake made by triceps push-ups is to not use the correct technique

  1. The head is lifted up.
  2. The elbows aren’t wide enough.
  3. The chest is dropped down.
  4. The butt is lowered too high or low.
  5. Its back has been arched.

If you’re making one of these errors and you’re making any of these mistakes, you’re not getting the most benefit from this exercise and risk harm your lower back (if you don’t hold it in the correct posture). Take a look at the video of Brown to learn the best way to master an tricep push-up, then prepare yourself to reap your benefits from having strong triceps.


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