June 21, 2022

What does the future of social media shopping look like in 2022?

Social media shopping – In this article, we will review the findings of a report of 1,000 American consumers on their plans for social shopping in 2022, and clarify their preferences, perceptions, and attitudes toward social commerce.

future of social media shopping

The future of social commerce:

We live in the age of social media shopping With 68% of consumers making at least one direct purchase from social media in 2021.

Whether shoppers are increasing local buying opportunities or interacting with virtual communities to buy outside their regions, they are turning to Facebook Shops or Instagram Shopping or TikTok Shopping, Social media shopping.

Social media shopping is not slowing down; 98% of consumers plan to make at least one purchase through social shopping or influencer trading.

Social media has become a digital mall; Customers can connect while shopping by interacting with peers, brands, and creators, and like physical malls; The more time they spend browsing.

future of social media shopping

In 2023 consumers plan to shop across platforms; They feel more comfortable, and Generation Z shoppers are more excited about visual social networks like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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While baby boomers expect to increase their purchases on Facebook. (Facebook), women prefer TikTok and Pinterest, while men prefer Twitter and Twitch.

How do social shoppers find the perfect product?

Shoppers use social media as a trusted advisor in the same way they consult Google or listen to a friend’s recommendation.

Before buying something from a physical store or traditional e-commerce seller, they might look for more information about a company or product on Instagram or Reddit as part of the purchase process, or they search for products recommended by their existing network.

Brands play a greater role in guiding customers to products; More people are finding a product directly from the brand selling it than through peers, influencers, or their own research. Targeted advertising is powerful, but so are free posts.

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What influences consumer buying behavior in Social media shopping?

When customers shop on social media, they still turn to friends to help them make their final decisions. Friends are the strongest influencers in consumers aged 18-40, with social influencers coming in second.

Mesosocial interaction between Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X has increased during the pandemic store closures, and customers trust influencers as they trust their friends.

future of social media shopping

But baby boomers who have not accepted influencers as much trust friends and family more than others.

“Meta social interaction between consumers and influencers has become a major driver of purchase intent, as influencers are committed to putting their followers first and cultivating communities of consumers.

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Who have common interests and feelings, and in return, consumers look to influencers for reliable recommendations and honest product evaluations.

Interaction solves beyond Social media shopping issues that may accompany the purchase process by saving consumers time and counting influencers as trusted experts.”

Dr. Jenna Drenten, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing, Loyola University Chicago.

Trust – whether from a friend’s recommendation or influencer content – is a powerful motivator, and a lack of trust may explain why reviews or product reviews from strangers have less influence on a product purchase decision.

“Brand awareness results in a community that buys thanks to word of mouth when people say to each other, “I love this product, I am sure you will too.”

future of social media shopping

Community members know what their friends and family like, and your audience becomes a link to interested customers at the moment they need it their friends and family to your product, and that’s the power of brand awareness.”

Akeem Hogg, Social media shopping and Email Marketing Officer, ServiceMaster Brands.

Social media shoppers care about inclusion; 60% said they were more likely to buy from an inclusive marketing brand.

Which could mean different ethnicities or nationalities being featured in your ads and posts; These shoppers want their online communities to reflect the diversity of their physical community, and inclusion is especially important for younger shoppers; 73% of Gen Z and 72% of Millennials cited it as a motivating factor to buy.

What does the new buying path look like?

Social media shopping in 2022 is delving into their online communities and embracing the features of new platforms. The different ways your customers interact is an opportunity to see how they discover and buy your products.

Livestreams are the most popular feature on the platforms, and it’s also a great indicator for those planning to buy on social networks.

future of social media shopping

The majority of live watchers 71% have bought something on social, 48% expect to buy more through in-platform shopping features in 2022, but the impact depends on your audience, and more than half of Gen X shoppers (61%) expect to start watching a video Direct service over the next year, compared to only 44% of Generation Z.

This conclude topic about Social media shopping.

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