Best 20 long head bicep exercises in 2023

long head bicep exercises

Long head bicep exercises: The long-head biceps, or “biceps brachii,” is one of the two muscle heads that make up the biceps. It is located on the upper arm and is responsible for flexing the elbow and rotating the forearm. The long head also plays a role in shoulder movement, assisting with shoulder flexion and … Read more

How To Do the Donkey Calf Raise For Soleus And Gastronomies Muscles

Donkey Calf Raise

You must use the most effective exercises to grow your calves. This conversation includes the donkey calf, which has been an integral part of improving lower leg development for a long time. We’ll show you how to do it, including variations and tips.   You don’t have to worry about the donkeys being hurt or involved in … Read more

How To Do Barbell Wrist Curl Behind The Back – Arm Exercise

Arm exercise

Details of the behind-the-back wrist curl exercise Main Muscles Forearm Flexors Secondary Muscles Forearm Extensors Exercise Type– Strength Exercise Mechanics: Isolation Difficulty Level Beginner Equipment Required Barbells, dumbbells or cables How to curl your wrist behind the back Here are the wrist curls for behind-the-back barbell wrist curls. Later, I will show you how to do … Read more

How To do Cable Crunch Abdominal Exercise

cable crunch

What are Cable Crunches? Cable crunches are also called kneeling cable crunches. They target your abdominal muscles and are a weighted crunch variant. Cable crunch is performed by kneeling before a pulley-attached cable station. Grab the rope attachment using both your hands and pull it towards your head. Keep your hips and arms straight, and then squeeze your core muscles … Read more

How to do the Overhead Cable Extension-Triceps Exercise

Cardio exercises to burn body fat and build muscle

The overhead Cable Extension of the Triceps is an exercise for isolation that strengthens the muscles on the upper arm’s back which is also commonly referred to as the triceps. Triceps brachii, commonly referred to as Triceps is a three-headed muscle which is located opposite the biceps. It is responsible for the majority of the upper … Read more

how to do the Close Grip Chin Up Muscles Worked

Chin up

Close Grip Chin Up Close grip chin-up is a variation on the chin up exercise that targets the back muscles. The close grip chin-up works the lats and indirectly targets the core muscles. Close grip chin upward will stimulate slightly more involvement of the biceps compared to other chin upward variations. The close grip chin-up is best used to … Read more

How to do the Decline Barbell Chest Press Best


What Is a Decline Bench Press? The decline bench press, also known as the decline chest press and the decline barbell bench press, is a powerlifting exercise that targets your lower pectoral muscles. Perform the decline bench press exercise by lying faceup on an adjustable bench set to a decline position. Unrack a weighted barbell … Read more

How to do the Front Dumbbell Raise


Front dumbbell lift is an easy weightlifting workout that targets the sides and fronts of shoulders. It also targets the upper chest muscles and Biceps. This exercise is appropriate for all levels. this shoulder extension exercise is an excellent method to build strength, increase the mobility of your shoulders and to tone muscles in your upper … Read more

How to do Triceps Push down standing


The triceps press down exercise is a popular choice for strength, power as well as fitness-based athletes, to provide strength and hypertrophy to triceps. The triceps, as well as to shoulders and chest are a crucial muscle group to strength in the bench press as well as overhead stability and performance, among other things. In this triceps … Read more

how to Do Wrist Curl With Barbell 

weight lifting

Utilizing free weight training equipment can increase strength and power in key movement patterns or muscle groups used by athletes in their sport. Exercise combos are a great way to train multiple muscle groups in a variety of combinations. This can increase the workout intensity and volume and help athletes develop endurance and muscle strength. … Read more

How To Train Side Abs  Without Equipment At Home Anytime Anywhere


Maintain both your sides of the abdomen fit and healthy without having to go to the gym. They are awesome exercises that require no equipment required for these exercises. The exact exercise you must be doing for optimally concentrate and build your obliques muscles effectively. By using this combination of Russian Twist and Side Bridge … Read more

Chest Exercise Doable Anywhere Flat Bench Barbell Press

Chest exercise

A move that adds the most chest weight over any other movement, the flat bench barbell chest press is frequently referred to as the king of upper body exercises and with reasons that are valid: due to its extended angle as well as the involvement of more muscles, it permits huge quantities in weight lift. When done properly, it helps to … Read more

Exercises with dumbbells And Barbell


It is possible to easily add dumbbell exercises to your routine to increase muscle strength in your core. This includes your lower back, abdominal, as well as pelvic muscles. Intensifying these muscles can help strengthen this part of your body, and enhance the overall appearance of your body. You’ll have more stability and balance in the body. … Read more