July 1, 2022

Burn fat and build muscle at the same time

The bodybuilding community has been divided over the question of how to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. Is it possible to build muscle while simultaneously burning fat successfully?

The goal of building muscle mass and losing fat is one of the most challenging goals in bodybuilding.

It is necessary for muscle protein synthesis to occur in its natural state. This is when new and larger muscle fibers are formed. The body also needs to consume a lot of calories or energy.

This is the essence of the idea of losing weight. It involves reducing daily calories to create a deficit that stimulates the body to burn fat. However, it is possible to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.

1 Burn fat slowly

Everyone wants to lose body fat quickly.

2 Take more protein

To maintain your muscle mass and increase it over time, you need to increase your protein intake. You must choose what is best for your body and mix animal and vegetable protein sources. Protein also helps to burn calories Total calories throughout the day, or body BMR.

The following calculator will allow you to calculate the correct protein percentage for your body in order to build muscle and burn fat.

3- Avoid excessive exercise

To speed up any drying process, trainees put in a lot of effort. Exercising too much, whether it’s weight training or cardio, is a common mistake. It can cause problems in the body and increase stress levels.

Gaining muscle is possible. In the worst cases, it’s also possible to lose muscle mass rather than building it. You must exercise with care and not overdo it.

4 Use heavy weights while exercising

A common mistake in fat loss and drying is to change the training system to a lower intensity or to use lighter weights with fewer repetitions. This is false thinking. You need to dry the body and build muscle at the same time. If you want to gain muscle, increase the intensity.

To stimulate the body’s ability to build muscle fibers larger and stronger, you need to increase the training load. This can be done by increasing the weight or the repetitions.

5 Get enough sleep

You must sleep enough to allow your body to recover from muscle fatigue. To avoid fatigue and prevent future inability to exercise at the same intensity, schedule your sleep every night and aim for 8-9 hours sleep each night.

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