July 1, 2022

Best Cryptocurrency recommendation Channels for 2022

The field of cryptocurrency trading is one of the widest areas that has witnessed great success over the past ten years, which witnessed the emergence of many of the best cryptocurrency recommendation channels.

But investing in this area is not easy, it is necessary to read the market and analyze it accurately so that you can profit from this area and reduce the percentage of loss in it.

There are many communities that help investors in this area, and these societies can be included under the name of cryptocurrency recommendations channels.

That is why we will talk, God willing, in this article about the best platforms for cryptocurrency recommendations channels on Telegram and other communication channels, along with a simple explanation about the recommendations channels, and now we start.

What is Cryptocurrency Recommendations Channels?

Cryptocurrency signal channels are social platforms that are managed by cryptocurrency trading and investment specialists to provide a signal service, whether paid or free.

Signal services are among the most important services that are provided through a third party outside the trading platforms, as the laws enacted by the financial market regulators prevent the trading platforms and companies from providing the recommendation service.

The Telegram application and other applications helped create communities that share these recommendations easily and quickly.

For example, the Arabic Crypto Channel is a channel of recommendations based entirely on the Telegram application, and paid and free recommendations are shared through it.

Crypto Signals Channel

The crypto signals channel is one of the best crypto signal channels, the channel is managed in the United Kingdom (UK) and has also gained a strong following due to the ability of the channel platform to create profitable predictions for its subscribers.

The CryptoSignal team sends several real-time cryptocurrency trading details to the channel subscribers. They also take the proportion of risk in investing very seriously.

The CryptoSignals channel provides cryptocurrency trading signals for only 3 online trading platforms eToro, AvaTrade and Capital and each signal contains the basic details needed to invest in cryptocurrencies.

CryptoSignals has two versions, one free and one paid. The paid version is also called VIP Telegram which comes with many features like unlimited number of signals. In return, users of the free version get a limited number of signals to trade per week

Learn2Trade Channel

Learn2Trade is another excellent channel that we broadcast cryptocurrency signals for investors. The channel consists of a team of expert traders with more than 15 years of trading experience.

It also has more than 19,000 subscribers who actively use the service to trade cryptocurrencies.

Similar to CryptoSignals, Learn2Trade offers both a free and a paid version. Free Learn2Trade comes with 3 signals per week and a success rate of 76%. In return, users of the paid version receive 10 profitable signals daily to trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To sign up for the channel’s packages, investors can sign up for a monthly plan of $47. Learn2Trade also offers other packages such as the Lifetime Membership package which costs $330.

Each package comes with 3 to 5 trading signals per day containing entry levels, stop loss, take profit, risk reward ratio and other key details.

Channel Unfolded

And we move on to another channel, the Unfolded channel, which is also among the best cryptocurrency recommendations channels. Instead of the channel specialized in discussing cryptocurrencies or price movements, Unfolded is a summary of cryptocurrency news.

This channel covers the latest cryptocurrency news updates that may affect the market, and it includes all cryptocurrencies online. So we have rated it among the best crypto signal channel platforms.

There are many crypto signals channels on Telegram but if you want daily and accurate coverage of the latest crypto news Unfolded is your choice. It publishes daily and never misses a thing in the cryptocurrency news headlines.

Fat Pig Signals Channel

FatPigSignals Channel is one of the best crypto signals platform in the UK, providing secure crypto trading signals. It is provided by a highly experienced and experienced team in the cryptocurrency field. These signals also include 3 trading platforms which are Binance, ByBit and Bitmex.

The signals of this channel are based on technical analysis of cryptocurrencies. The team behind this aims to achieve a signal accuracy rate of more than 80%. The details of these signals include studying prices and their developments and achieving good levels.

Lucky Block Channel

Lucky Block is one of the crypto channels on Telegram and it is also one of the best crypto signals channels. This is due to the expansion of this channel and the accuracy of its crypto signals.

This channel was not satisfied with this only, but also went beyond that to create its own currency and put it on the cryptocurrency markets, the currency of LBLOCK. Like all cryptocurrencies, its price has witnessed many fluctuations, most recently in the second quarter of 2022.

This channel contains all the popular cryptocurrencies, where investors can ask questions to the team and developers. So that investors can ask about any details related to signals, trading, etc.

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